Feminized White Widow seeds

The most difficult part of growing white widow, or any marijuana plant for that matter, is sexing the plants and removing the males before they are able to pollinate the females, thereby removing all chances of a great harvest of smokable product. This is why feminized seeds are such an amazing innovation in the cannabis breeding industry! A feminized seed will never grow into a male plant, which saves the grower huge amounts of time as well as reduces his or her risk of not being able to harvest.

These feminized seeds are derived from a female White Widow clone which has been put under excessive amounts of stress, forcing it to produce some male flowers. Modified pollen is then used to pollinate the rest of the clone’s flowers, which eventually causes it to produce seeds without male chromosomes. This means that these seeds are not able to become male. But they do carry within them a hermaphrodite chromosome. However, whereas standard cannabis seeds have a 50/50 chance of producing females, feminized marijuana seeds should never result in more than 20% genetic hermaphrodites.

1 out of 5 is still quite a lot though, but we are pleased to say that extensive testing has shown that feminized White Widow seeds in particular are very stable and will have a 99% success rate of growing females! Still, growers are advised to avoid putting stress on the plants, because increased levels of stress will induce more male flowering to happen. For the overwhelming majority of growers, though, we can safely predict a 99% success rate for our feminized White Widow seeds.

The advantages of these feminized seeds are obvious and manifold. Apart from the time-savings for growers who make use of outdoor growing locations, and won’t have to go and check for males all the time, these seeds will result in guaranteed increased yields, due to every seed turning out as a female plant as well as a diminution of the risk of harvest failures.

€ 110.00
White Widow Feminized marijuana plant White Widow Feminized marijuana plant buds

The most rewarded variety of recent years in Holland. Year 2004 winner. The plants are white with THC glands, even on big parts of the fan leaves. A very soft smoke and great high. Very potent!!!

White Widow marijuana seeds, Simply one of the best seeds you can get. This strain was originally developed by a breeder about six years ago. A continuous cannabis cup winner. And it is a must have for anyone who grows and uses their own marijuana regularly.

High: After the first puff, that daunting warm feeling of impending stoniess comes over you. You feel it just under your eyes and throughout your body in time. It is a serious heavy highness.

Type: Indica - Sativa mix
Climate: indoor
Yield: 450 gr/m2
THC level: strong 20% - 25%


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€ 110.00
White Queen Feminized marijuana plant White Queen Feminized marijuana plant buds

Very dense, full buds, but still lightweight to the touch. When well cured, the buds are not too moist but also do not crumble between your fingers either, the perfect curing can bring out the royal flavor.

High: Intense stone. Very "physical", this gear races in and feels like you are on a bungee jump; no shitting, I stood up after a fat spliff, and my stomach dropped down to my shoes! This gets your heart pumpin'.

Type: indica-sativa mix
Climate: indoor, outdoor
Yield: 500 gr/m²
THC level: 20-25%


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€ 110.00
White Ice Feminized marijuana plant White Ice Feminized marijuana plant buds

With this powerfull strain, whitewidowseeds.com has succeeded to bring quality and quantity together. White Ice Feminized cannabis seeds is a crossbreed with Afghan, Norther Light, Shiva, and Skunk special genetics. White Ice Feminized cannabis seeds grows compact buds, fully loaded with sticky resin, like white frozen ice cristals. This cannabis plant grows well in soil and hydroponic sytems. White ice Feminized spreads a aromatic fragrance, and gives a heavily high.

High: I was caught deep in my thoughts with this one and I felt VERY zoney like I walking around in a serious daze! Man, this weed is strong!

Type: Indica - sativa mix
Climate: Indoor - outdoor
Yield: 475 gr/m²
THC level: 20%


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White Widow Seeds
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