Big Bud x White Widow marijuana seeds

10 seeds: € 40.00

A mix of the famous Big Bud and the even more famous White Widow. It's great.

Big Bud x White Widow marijuana strain characteristics:

Taste: A smokers delight here with a naturally sweet and floral taste. Leaves a wonderfull aftertaste that drips down the throat like a melting hard candy.

High: Be seated and have some nice fresh drinks handy when you are ready to hit this one off! The effects are powerful and immediate. This is not necessarily the best social gear as you are generally reduced to basic grunts and giggles.

Plant specifications:

Quantity: 10 seeds
Type: Big Bud x White Widow
Climate: indoor and outdoor
Yield: 550 gr/m²
Height: 40 - 60 cm
Flowering period: 8 - 10 weeks
Harvest: September - October
Stoned or High: Stoned to the bone
THC level: 20%
Grow Difficulty: Moderate

Big Bud x White Widow cannabis plant
Big Bud x White Widow marijuana plant buds
White Widow Seeds

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