Cheese marijuana seeds

10 seeds: € 55.00

Dear customer, because of the many requests we added Cheese marijuana seeds to our marijuana seeds catalogue.
All the characteristics of our beloved master kush with our super skunk strain mixed in. This produces a more controlled marijuana plant with larger buds. The smell and taste of the marijuana plant are increased but the high stays the same, very high. Cheese marijuana has a deep earthy flavor, very dominant. Strong body stoned and a happy giggly high. Makes me smile all the time and im like giggling soo bad. Cheese marijuana your instant smile.

Flowering indoor: 8-10 weeks, building rock-hard buds.
Flowering outdoor: Ready mid October this beautifull marijuana plants grows really bushy, so make sure to space the marijuana plants enough.

This hardy marijuana type is a very popular marijuana strain. The unique marijuana smell is overwhelmingly pungent. This marijuana strain will stink up your grow-room. Use air filter. Cheese will finish marijuana flowering in 8 - 10 weeks. Overabundant yields. Compact marijuana plant structure makes this strain excellent for sea of green. Uplifting marijuana high. With mild body buzz. Mild spicy after taste. Produces beautiful marijuana colas. A fantastic marijuana strain for first time indoor marijuana growers.

Cheese marijuana strain characteristics:

Taste: A dry hit is refreshing. It lights up easily and once it starts burning, there are tones of anisette and an incredibly floral bouquet that fills the air.

High: The FX are totally spacey, making you feel a bit tipsy and unhandy. You just kind of cruise around, a bit out of is a nice ride; a non-partisan: it ain’t left, it ain’t right; it’s down the middle!

Plant specifications:

Quantity: 10 seeds
Type: indica-sativa mix
Climate: indoor-outdoor
Yield: 700 gr/m²
Height: 50-75 cm
Flowering period: 8-10 weeks
Harvest: october
Stoned or High: Stoney says cheese
THC level: 20%
Grow Difficulty: moderate

Cheese cannabis plant
Cheese marijuana plant buds
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